Needed: Glaze, frosting, icing for ginger/carrot cake
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Hi! I am a newbie and bake for the enjoyment of it.

Daughter’s brother-in-law is getting married next month and her sister-in-law to be is very good friends with her; and so has offered to help make pies and cakes for her picnic wedding reception which will be held at the groom’s home in the backyard.

(The pies are simple: apple, cherry, and blueberry! I already have made a number of them & they are in the freezer now, in zip lock bags.)

I am making sample cakes and pies for my daughter so that once she is in state this coming week, we can finalize what cakes and icings we will do.

We have decided to several types of cakes.

One is a white cake with like a 7-minute white frosting with sliced strawberries. So there is frosting in-between layers with sliced fresh strawberries. Icing on the top with enough strawberries to make it decorative.

Albeit, the two cake layers, which she made, she says are not tall enough to slice for 4-layers, which she is adamant to have.

Of course, she wants a grand presentation, and so I have offered to try making like 2x the batter and collar the cake pans. (9” round) So, trying to collar a cake will be a new thing for me, and a challenge. She’s not open to doing a 3-layer cake of 1” height for each layer. She insist on 2 layers that are tall enough to split! OY!

But she faced another problem, said that she made this cake for a party last weekend and when friends came over, she said they loved this cake with the strawberries, however, when they went to cut into the cake, it pulled out the strawberries which she had sliced crosswise.

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can cut the strawberries for the in-between the layers so that when the cake is cut they won’t pull out?

The next cake is a chocolate cake with a chocolate butter-cream.

The next cake is a coconut cake with a cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut.

The next cake is a lemon cake with lemon curd and a meringue lemon flavored butter-cream.

Last but not least, an absolutely scrumptious ginger/carrot cake which has ginger and cinnamon in the butter cake. It is a dense cake but oh so good!

She wants to do another cream cheese frosting on this ginger/carrot cake, and she wants to have cinnamon in it. But I am thinking, ugh! A “cinnabon” flavored frosting on a carrot cake?

I was thinking of a glaze with some cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger in it, since the cake already had ginger in it. Not a whole lot but just enough to flavor it and make people wonder what is in that glaze?

But I am not sure if a glaze with cut it for her, being that this is a wedding reception.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

BTW, she is in the wedding and we think that there might be 250 to 300 people. (Bride & groom are having their own small cake.) And this is our wedding gift to them.

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