How to shape Danish pastry?
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Hi guys,

I have just collected some of popular Danish’s shaping and filling here in my blog:

Kindly check it to see if I miss out anything, and suggest to me please. I am writing a journal about this Laminated dough.

Many thanks in advance,


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I think you should try on this way:

Cut rolled out dough into squares about 4"x4”. Place about 1 Tbsp filling in the middle of each one. Fold each corner into the center (kind of like making a pinwheel) and press down. Crescents: Cut rolled out dough into squares about 4"x4”, as above. Bisect (cut) each square diagonally (from corner to corner) to form two triangles. Spread about 1 Tbsp filling on the hypotenuse (the long side) and roll up, beginning with the base of the triangle and ending with the apes (the point). Curve the rolls into crescents. Cockscombs: Roll dough into a long rectangle. Lay a strip of nut filling right down the middle and fold the dough over it. Press the edges firmly together to seal. you now have something resembling a cylinder with a ridge along one side. make slashes or gashes along that edge. There should be 4 or 5 on each pastry. Cockscombs are traditionally sprinkled with sugar and almonds before baking.


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