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I thought it might be useful to collect updates in one place as they accumulate to make it easy to copy to our books or print out for them.  If you know of any, feel free to post them here—please differentiate between ingredient and technique updaets.  It seems like it might be a good idea to limit this thread to these updates, and put any questions about them in separate posts.

TCB Errata/Changes Page:
RHC Errata/Changes Page:

Cordon Rose Banana Cake (TCB p. 69)
Replace 2T butter with 2T oil for a moister cake

Neoclassic Buttercream (TCB p. 230)
Golden Syrup replaces corn syrup in the Golden Neoclassic Buttercream (RHC p. 66)

Lemon Curd (TCB p. 340)
Beat butter into the eggs and sugar before adding juice protects yolks from curdling, so you get no residue (TCB p. 45)

Mousseline (TCB p. 244 / RHC p. 93 & 147)
Add meringe all at once to beaten butter (rather than adding butter little-by-little to meringue)

Ladyfingers (TCB p. 148)
RHC (p. 264) use Wondra to for increased tenderness and to help them keep their shape and not spread as much


Forum-Originated Updates & notes:

Boiled sugar buttercreams
Skip the mesuring cup step and pour hot sugar directly from the pan

Stabilized whipped cream
Can use 2x agar agar into cold cream instead of gelatin

Midnight Ganache (RHC p. 102)
Often takes up to 14 hours to set at room temp (plan ahead)

Classic Orange Blossom Buttercream (TCB p. 234)
Use orange oil instead of Tang

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