Genoise with baking powder/soda
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I grew up in India where the most popular type of layer cakes were sponge cakes with whipped cream frosting . Till this date I prefer those cakes over the richer butter cakes with buttercream frostings. Those sponge cakes were made almost exactly like the Classic genoise except that the eggs were not heated and some amount of baking powder was added. I have read how tricky is it to make a proper genoise and that technique matters a lot to get the required height. I was wondering if I added some amount of baking powder/soda to Classic Genoise how would it affect the recipe ?

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I haven’t tried it myself, but I have seen genoise recipes that call for baking powder, so you’d probably be OK.  If the cake falls, you may need to lower the amount of bp or use stronger flour.  If you try it, please let us know how it works!

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Im sorry I do not have an answer to your question. But does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for genoise sponge? I would love to have a go at it, I always stick with classic victoria sponges.

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