Baking cake batter in stages
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Hi All, I’m sure this was covered in another topic but darned if I can find it again.

if all your cake tins with batter cannot fit into oven all in one go, then can you leave cake batter on the side or the fridge whilst the others cook?? I seem to recall some saying you can/can’t and a good deal about adjusting baking powder???

I am doing to 2x 6 inch and 3x 9 inch. I have two ovens but they are prone to cold spots as i discovered when doing 3x9 cakes before. despite turning them around and changing shelves during baking, one cake came out damper and different texture than the other 2, still tasted great though.

But, as this is for someone elses wedding then I want to do better than that.

Look forward to hearing from you all

best wishes

herbqueen grin

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Actually I have the same question but for cupcakes and madelines etc
I would like to whip up a really large batch of cupcakes.
My mixer can handle it but my oven cannot and I don’t have enough pans.
I only have 2 cupcake pans but I want to do my batter in one go.

If I leave the batter in the bowl, should I add more BP to it?
and by how much?


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