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Hello fellow bakers,
Have found this forum very friendly and helpful in the past, thus turning back to you for some help.
I am making a 4 tiered red velvet wedding cake that will be covered in marshmallow fondant and decorated with a quilt pattern (2 tiers) and damask stencil (the other two tiers). Questions:
1) Would it work to have cream cheese icing under fondant, or would buttercream be preferred? If cream cheese works, how long can it stay unrefridgerated?
2) How far in advance should fondant be applied, and also how long can the cake be unrefridgerated? Also, just confirming that fondant should not be refridgerated at all?
3) Are there special techniques in applying the quilt pattern using the impression mat?
4) What would be the best way to use the damask stencil? I’ll need black pattern on white… Should I get some edible spray paint (assuming there is such a thing?), hand paint it, or?
Know the answers to these questions are somewhere on the internet, but it seemed like this would be the best place to get solid advice.

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Ok,  I am going to try and answer all of your questions.

1.  I have used made a three tier red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  I added more icing sugar to the icing to make it stiffer.  It held up fine.  I make my cakes the night before and put it in the fridge and then take it out when I deliver it.  I don’t think you want to leave it out more than a day at room temperature.
2.  I apply a crumb coat on my cake and refridgerate it for about 30 minutes then I apply the fondant.  I then start decorating it.  I have read where you are suppose to let it sit for 12 hours but I have never found that to be required.  After I finshed my fondant covered cakes, I refridgerate them until I deliver them.  No problem with the fondant (I use Wilton, it taste gross but works well, most people either love it or hate the taste)
3.  I have applied the quilt pattern right after I covered it.  It turns out fine.  Use the fondant smoother to apply equal pressure.
4.  Use black royal icing and an offset spatula.  Attach the stencil to the cake and apply the royal icing in a thin layer.

I think that is all the answers.  Good luck!

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Thanks moderncake! This is VERY helpful!
Have never tried Wilton fondant, but have used marshmallow fondant, mostly for details. Everytime when i’ve refridgerated it, it would get glossy and sticky… just didn’t want the whole cake get like that.
Thanks again!

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