mousseline and cocnut silk recipes please
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Hi, I?m new to this site, and I?m here out of desperation! I love living in Spain, but I love making cakes too, and at this time of the year the two don?t really go together. I desperately and urgently need a recipe I can use in the heat which is not buttercream, both the mousseline and coconut silk recipes sound great, but I am making the cake this weekend, where can I find the recipe please?
The cake is a large one for the local Lions Club, so it?s a freebie, but I have my reputation to think of, so I want something really yummy for these guys. They do so much good in the local International community.
Can anyone help me please?
Many thanks

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Both of those are all-butter buttercreams.  The mousseline is an Italian meringue buttercream, you can find plenty of recipes on the internet and there’s also a video Rose posted showing how she makes it.  Not sure what kind of heat you are anticipating, but even an Italian meringue buttercream has its limits.  The silk meringue has a little custard in it and is a bit less heat-resistant than the mousseline/Italian meringue bc.

Her publisher requests that we don’t post recipes here that they haven’t released.

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