Sour Cream Coffee Cake Debacle
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Can anyone think of why all the filling has sunk to the bottom of the cake and why my cake has sunk in the middle?  It was rising just fine until the minute 45 mark when I covered it with the buttered foil, and when I took it out at 55 minutes, it had sunk terribly.  My oven temp was exactly 350?- and the covering of the cake took less than 10 seconds.  What could have gone wrong?  I must admit, it’s absolutely delicious, just an eyesore!

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aubrey - 01 July 2012 02:10 PM

it had sunk terribly

Overleavening is a possibility, as is undermixing.  Maybe too much liquid.  Overall, the cake clearly lacked structure.  Did you weigh all your ingredients?  What size pan? What kind of flour?  Did you deviate in any way from the printed recipe?


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Yes to what Charles said- the cake lacked structure.  What type of flour did you use and how did you measure or weigh it?

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