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Phew - first wedding cake experience over!
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BEAUTIFUL cakes - Bravo Julie B.
I know this thread is several years old, but my situation is so similar and I have a few questions. My first wedding cake is this weekend! I hope my result is as wonderful as JulieB’s. 

There are many similarities with my cake and situation. I too am doing a carrot cake with Rose’s White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream and the bride requested a similar look to the frosting - not smooth. I am considering doing the technique Julie used, for a country-style wedding in a large air conditioned “barn”.

I have several questions if anyone could reply ASAP.
1) Is syrup necessary for a carrot cake and if so, how much and what kind?
2) A technique of frosting a frozen cake is mentioned here - how exactly is that done? Partially thaw to torte the cakes, then return to freezer before frosting?
3. It is going to be 90 degrees this weekend, but the venue is air conditioned. Am planning to keep the cake refrigerated as long as possible - But WHEN should it be removed from the refrigerator. With the WCCCBC can cake be out for 3 hrs or will it melt? I followed Rose’s and other suggestions in the form about reducing butter and adding xxxsugar. (I’ve already made the frosting 4X and in addition to reducing butter to 2 oz, I added 2 oz shortening, 2-3 cups Xxxsugar and 1 Tb meringue powder in anticipation of super hot weather and long travel time.) Not crazy about the meringue powder, but being a newbie
PS. I have 10 x 15 ice gel paks to surround the delivery box

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