pie crust dough turning grey?
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Hello all! 
With this summer’s fresh fruit, I’ve been trying to make a few new fruit & berry pies.  I make a few batches of pie crust dough and freeze it so that I’ll have it ready for my fruit.  My recipe is fairly basic consisting of AP flour, cake flour, butter, salt and water.  However, I’ve noticed when I take it out of the freezer, it has turned a dismal shade of grey.  Does this mean it’s turned bad and I shouldn’t use it? I’ve tried to roll it out to use it but I’m very concerned about the color.  I appreciate any help with this since I love my summer pies!

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I don’t think it has gone bad…I’ve frozen yeast dough and pie dough and it sometimes has an off color—I am not sure why this is.  I wouldn’t be concerned about it being toxic or harmful to you to eat but it may not taste as good as the fresh dough so you may want to test bake a small amount of dough just to confirm it’s ok before baking with all of your precious fruit.  FWIW, I often assemble and then freeze entire pies, so I can’t see why it would be any different.

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Normally, pie crust dough freezes well.  Not sure what caused the color change, was it wrapped well in plastic, then foil or a ziploc?

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