Bread dough - how long can you go between mix and bake?
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Howdy… I spend most of my time talking on the cake forums, but I’ve got a bread question.

I do bake bread fairly regularly, but I usually mix, proof and bake it all the same day.  I’m getting ready to go on vacation to the beach Sunday and I want to make some dough Sat night (maybe Sun morning) for cinnamon buns Monday or even Tuesday… can I get away with the dough in a 1gal plastic bag in the fridge until then?


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You should be able to, although I’d use a 2 or 2.5 gallon bag, and I’d cut back on the amount of yeast; look at the no-knead recipes for hints in using this method.

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i make challah a lot, but this week i didn’t have time to shape it, so i stored it in the fridge, in the kitchenaid bowl, for 2 days. when i took it out, it smelled like fermenting - in a bad way. So I tossed it.
Was it OK? It was this recipe.

Thanks for any advice.

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A lot of the recipes I’ve been using lately take a long time on purpose. I made wild yeast sourdough croissants last weekend that took all weekend. See more here:
Actually, the wild yeast sarter part of the recipe I’ve been working on for 2 weeks. So, yes, it is possible to delay your baking. Once you get a feel for it, you will confidently be able to make the baking schedule work for you.

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