Bluebarb and peach-blueberry pies, made with home churned butter and home rendered lard
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some pies I made last weekend to take to a summer party for my office. The week before we had cultured and churned butter, and rendered some leaf lard, to prepare for making the crusts. One pie was blueberry-rhubarb with the rhubarb from my mom’s garden. The other was peach-blueberry with local fruit from the farmers market. These pies turned out well and were delicious to eat. We also brought a jar of homemade creme fraiche for people to spoon on their pie slices.

I posted a little write up on the construction of these pies on my blog:

If you want to read all about making the cultured butter for the crust:

Happy Baking,

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Nice looking pies. The little girl is adorable.

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Oh my, you caught your daughter at just the right moment- what a gorgeous daughter and also a great photo!  The pies look pretty awesome as well smile

Have you tried Rose’s cream cheese crust?  It’s so very delicious smile

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