American spoon food strawberry butter
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Hi, I was planning to make the strawberry frosting from RHC Chocolate covered strawberry cake, and really wanted to try it with this American spoon food strawberry butter, but couldn’t find any near me (mountain view).  Does any one know where I can get it in the San Francisco bay area? Or is my only option to buy online? 

I stopped by trader joes to pick up a jar of their strawberry preserves as a fall back. Anyone know if their preserves are any good for this recipe?

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I think Trader Joes strawberry preserves are great. My husband loves the organic type in all my baking.

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The beauty of ASF fruit butter is that it is high in fruit and lower in sugar which is ideal for flavoring the else wise too sweet buttercream.  It is also seedless.

Most all other brands are primarily sugar!


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