cream filled oatmeal cookie
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My children and I have fallen in love with a cream-filled oatmeal cookie at a local bakery. Basically it’s two large, soft oatmeal cookies with icing in between.
I have 4 children and these cookies are $1.25 each so it’s getting pretty expensive. We are trying to figure out how to make these cookies at home but are not having any luck. I have the ingrediants but I don’t know the proportions. (I got the ingrediants off of a box of cookies they were selling, I’m not sure if they omitted the spices or if they just don’t use them, they don’t taste spicy)
I have a recipe for homemade icing but it doesn’t taste the same and the cookie itself is different from any recipe I can find online. There are some raisins but they appear to be chopped and there aren’t many of them. The oatmeal is not overwhelming either.
I would love any suggestion for how to take these ingrediants and come up with a workable recipe (mine never comes out right). I’m going to try to post a pic of one.

Bread flour, salt, whole eggs, raisins, oats, brown sugar, veg. shortening, corn syrup, baking soda.

Thank you in advance!

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Is that the ingredient list from the package?  Bread flour would be an unusual choice for cookies, and it seems like salt should be lower down on the list.

If you could provide a little more info re: how yours turn out vs. how you want them to turn out, and what recipe you are using, that may provide a starting place.

For a filling, a white chocolate cream cheese frosting might be perfect with oatmeal cookies:  There’s a good one in the Cake Bible and/or Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, most libraries have one or the other (or both).  It’s easy to make and only a few ingredients.

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The ingredient list isn’t that useful, since you could pretty much guess what goes into an Oatmeal cookie.  The bread flour is to make it chewier, same for the corn syrup and brown sugar.  Odds are that the filling is just some mixture of shortening and powdered sugar, plus a little vanilla.


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