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Now that I have a son in college….I want to ship him Rose’s pumpkin walnut cake…a family favorite.  I often make the cake in cupcakes because it is so much easier to grab and go…and a lot fewer crumbs!  And I think that will work well in a college dorm as well, but I want to maximize freshness as it should be about 48 hours between when I get to the shipper and he receives.  So…should I:

1.  bake cupcakes, cool and get to the shipper by 5 on the same day….in tightly sealed plastic containers
2.  bake cupcakes, cool and freeze….then ship frozen the next day…hoping their close proximity keeps them cold long enough to retain better freshness when they arrive
3.  bake a cake, freezing it…because it’s size will probably stay cold the longest???

Cupcakes are my preference.  I don’t want them to get sticky on the journey either!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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