Why you should read a recipe all the way through!!!!
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I just made the touch of grace biscuits from the bread bible.  But my dough was very stiff, not mashed potato like.  So I made them like regular biscuits and cut them.  Just read the recipe again and that extra cup of all purpose flour was supposed to be used to help shape the dough, not to be incorporated with the other flour.  DUH!!! 

I thought I was going to be ahead today.  Got home from a 12 hour night shift, made my beef and barley stew for the crock pot and decided that biscuits would be great with the stew.  Oh well,  I’m sure the biscuits can be used to sop up the juices from the stew.

I just took them out of the oven and they don’t look to bad!!  They rose and are golden brown.  But we’ll see what they’re like later when they have cooled..

Well I better get to bed, I have another 12 hour night shift tonight. 

No baking tomorrow morning!!!!!

Oh,  and while I was preheating the oven….....forgot that the cayenne peppers from my garden were drying in there and burnt the whole lot of them to a crisp.  Black, Black, Black!!!!!  I had to throw them out.  Not a great morning here.

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Mmmm, biscuits and beef & barley stew, just the kind of stuff I love!  As you say, bet the biscuits were still great to sop up juices.

Sorry about the peppers, that sort of stuff happens to all of us!

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