Cream Cheese Fondant
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I have not found any posts pertaining to my question so here goes! I am attempting to do a Topsy-Turvy cake next weekend for my daughter’s 40th - and she loves carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I know this combo does not handle well for tiered cakes, but I would like to try making a CreamCheese Fondant, and use the white chocolate dreamy creamy frosting under it. (I read here that this works ok!). Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could go about making something like this? I like making my own fondants, and have done White Chocolate with great success (adding 12 oz melted white choc per recipe of fondant). I was thinking the liquid portion of the cheese could sub for the water (to melt gelatin in) in my fondant, while the fat part could sub for the little bit of Crisco/Butter in it?? Come on all you experts - give me some input please! (I have in mind to make the Bottom tier Carrot cake, and top two tiers chocolate cake with White Choc Fondant)

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