Baking powder v. soda in cake recipe
Posted: 11 October 2012 10:53 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I inadvertently substituted baking POWDER for soda in a chocolate cake recipe that calls for non-dutched cocoa, all purpose flour (mine happens to be bleached) and sour cream.  I didn?t realize this until after the cakes were baked and wrapped for later assembly (the cake layers looked pretty normal at the time). However, in the process of transferring the cooled cakes to wrap, I detected the flavor of the crumb to be a little off and the layers seemed uncharacteristically heavy and/or dry.  When I later realized my mistake, I began to wonder if this was a fatal flaw. I decided not to risk it and made another batch. The new cakes already look more like I remember them (they appear a darker chocolate and more moist.)

My decision to re-bake came after reading that baking powder is essentially baking soda with a moisture-absorbing agent. This made me worry that my cake would certainly be dry.

Can you help me understand this better?

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