Chocolate Custard tips needed! :o)
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Hello! I’m Bethany; I posted a few times in the past while working on my sister’s wedding cake. It turned out beautifully and (and deliciously), thank heavens!

But my NEW cake question is much simpler, it’s for my daughter’s 3rd birthday cake: I need tips or a recipe for an egg-based chocolate custard to fill a hollowed-out Bundt cake that won’t slump out when sliced.

I welcome all tips, advice, and recipes!

Thank you,

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I’ve used Rose’s pastry cream from the Pie/Pastry Bible in a custard pie (gateau Basque) and it sliced beautifully, so I think it would do the trick.

Other options would be to firm up a pudding or custard recipe with a touch of gelatin or agar to make sure it will not flow when sliced.

Happy Birthday to your little one!

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