how to make Whip Cream and store it for a birthday party
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Hello Friends,

Pls can you help me, I am trying to find out how to make whipcream icing. I have to make an eggless cake and ice it with whipped cream. I tried making a whipped cream using Big Y’s heavy cream but all in vain.. It did not fluff , infact it started to leave water :(...
Please can some one help me with this, the birthday party is this sunday n im still struggling with the cream. which cream should i use and how should i store it, so that when i put on the cake it doesnt melt on me…

Thank you so much for taking time and answering my worry…


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Hmmm, cream is not vegan, does that matter?  chocolate ganache made with almond milk would be vegan.

The best cream to buy is pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) heavy cream, but this isn’t available everywhere.  After that, it needs to be labeled “whipping cream”, so that if the fat content is too low, it will have the right emulsifiers already added to it to enable it to whip.

The cream must be very very cold and must stay that way during whipping.  If you whip even a little past the point where a beater with a small amount left on it shows a peak that holds its shape, the cream will curdle into lumps (butter, actually) and whey.

For frosting a cake with it, you’ll probably need to stabilize the cream, as it will only remain whipped for a short time before it starts to water out.  You can use corn starch, agar, or gelatin to stabilize it, directions and recipes are in the Cake Bible (most libraries have it).

Good luck with the cake!


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Thank you Julie smile .. today i got heavy whipped cream from shop rite, will try hope it comes out well.. Where can i find Cake Bible… I want to learn the process - how to stabilize the cream.
Thank you again for helping me out smile

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