Looking for Non-Frankenwheat
Posted: 30 October 2012 04:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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In the wake of all the brouhaha which ensued from the book “Wheatbelly”, I have been exploring flour origins in the U.S. What I understand is that most of the wheat grown here is of what has been dubbed the “Frankenwheat” variety, a dwarf hybrid that has added chromosomes turning it into a carb rich, allergy-producing problem.

As someone who has had to give up a beloved baking business because I too was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, I am hoping to find wheat and/or flour that is not the dwarf type. I may have been successful with Wheat Montana. I talked with this third generational family business and they feel they have what I’m looking for.

Has anyone else out there also been researching this issue? And if so, what have you found? I also looked into getting French grown flour for baking breads, but that seems well-nigh impossible. All comments welcome!

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