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Mousilline cream without any alcohol?
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JennyBee - love your disclaimer smile.


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Thanks, Patrincia.

I think it’s interesting that it’s so hard to find out WHY it works. 
We know that if you make a paste of powdered sugar and butter, and beat a lot of air into it, you get frosting.

But there are so many ways to construct buttercream, yet the different techniques only work together in certain ways.

I think I’ll go through my books and see what I can find.  Because, ya know, I don’t have anything else to do.  (Decorate, bag, and tie 36 pirate flag cookies for my son’s daycare tomorrow morning.) [added later, if you’re interested see the cookies ]http://www.realbakingwithrose.com/index_ee.php/forums/viewthread/514/]

But I think I’ll start another thread for that line of thinking.  And I’ll address the mysterious disappearing frosting.  But as I said, that’s another day.

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I’ve made both swiss and Italian meringues without any alcohol, including no vanilla, and worked fine for filling and frosting.  Ofcourse, I do love the flavor when adding extracts and such…

just fyi

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