One Bowl (Quick Method) vs Creaming Method
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I just want to ask anyone to clarify/educate me more on this statement I read on Joe Pastry Blog, about The One Bowl (a.k.a. ?Quick? a.k.a. ?Blending?) Method.

He says “So if the one bowl method gives you a result that?s that wonderful, why doesn?t everybody use it for cake? Well because one bowl cakes are a little dense for some people. Also, one bowl layers, being as tender as they are, are terrible for stacking. Oh you can make a layer cake out of them, but even with wooden supports, one-bowl method cake layers start to collapse under their own weight after three stories or so. So the next time you?re at a wedding, look closely at the cake. Is it tall and sculpted? Then the layers are probably creaming-method layers: sweet and light but probably also rather tough. If the cake is wide and low, the layers were probably made via the one-bowl method. You?re in for a richer, more silky experience.”

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