The number of cups of cake batter in a various mixer bowls
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Hello Everyone,

Please I need your help. I will like to know the amount of cake batter in cups i.e. how many cups of cake batter can the following Mixer bowls contains.
5 quart, 7 quart, 12 quart, 20 quart, 30 quart, 40 quart, 60 quart (Hobarts, Kitchenaid and Kenwood Mixer bowls). I only have the weight of cake batter in Lbs and Kg for each as stipulated in their website, but calculating for cups of cake batter, I don’t have.
I was thinking that since different cake batter weigh differently, e.g. a 1 cup of a pound cake batter can weight much more than 1 cup of a sponge cake. This will affect the overall capacity for each mixer bowl.
For instance, If am making a cake of vary pan sizes and shapes and the total number of cups of batter that can fill them all is 52 cups of a cake batter, which of the mixer capacity can I use to mix it in one batch.

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I’m skeptical that any of these bowls are truly weight limited.  They’re probably more limited by the volume of the cake batter. 

For instance, the 5 quart bowl should be able to hold 20 cups of any sort of cake batter, as long as the batter isn’t sloshing over the rim of the bowl (and it probably would be as it neared the limit.)

(The 20 quart can probably handle your 52 cups, since it has an 80 cup capacity.)


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