Rose Levy Beranbaum Rolled Fondant Recipe in the Cake Bible
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Hello Great Bakers,

I just want to seek for further assistance in perfecting the Rolled Fondant Recipe as presented by RLB in the Cake Bible. I use the fondant and recently, I added CMC to it, before pouring the syrup mixture. The result was great, except for the fact that it was too stretchy and would not take shape if I cut out strips etc.

I tried adding TYLOSE powder to the fondant, which already has in it CMC powder, the fondant turned into a quick gumpaste, which held it shape.

My goal is to develop the fondant recipe to that obtained from Satin Ice or Bakel Pettinice.

Would the fondant produce a different result if made with corn syrup order than glucose? I know there are thousands of rolled fondant recipe, I believe RLB recipe is far superior to other, especially in execution.

Does anybody have a rolled fondant recipe that uses egg whites and no shortening or a fondant recipe that leaves out the glycerine and still produces a very satiny look and clear white color?

Thanks for your reply.




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