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Can compound chocolate be used for making modeling chocolate?
My baking supplies shop has a lot of different types of chocolate but most of them have Compound Chocolate written over it. Can I buy that for making modeling chocolate?

I have a bar of barry callebaut (Van Leer). (The pack says it requires no tempering).
Is Couverture chocolate is better that compound for making modeling chocolate?

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I find cheapo compound works much better for modelling as the expensive kind has too much cocoabutter - which just runs out all over when you work it. Besides most eaters won’t descern the taste difference in the final product - so why waste expensive chocolate on decorations (which many people don’t even consume thinking they aren’t edible!) As far as I know couverture and compound are the same thing. I often use Wilton’s for the dark colours like Red and Green details - works better than any thing else (you can still tweek the colour with paste colours).

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