Technique: How to get steam in oven
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I have 2 c. 1962 electric ovens which work pretty darn well.  The only issue I’m having is when I’m baking bread per Rose’s recipes (and any other bread recipe that calls for serious moisture for an artisinal crust, i.e. baguette) - if I set the oven rack at its lowest point, with the baking stone on top of it, I can’t put anything on the oven floor to hold water/ice cubes.  The bottom element covers most of the floor space, so I can’t even get a 9” cast iron pan in there without contacting the element.

I do mist generously during the first 10 minutes of baking but right now that’s all I can do ... any ideas?  I thought of moving the rack up one position (just below middle), and then putting the container of water on the lowest rack but am unsure if that would produce a satisfactory result.


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You can put the steaming pan above the bread; that will work, too. Personally, I’ve found that tossing 1/4 cup of water directly on the bottom of the oven generates the largest quantity of steam, but it can leak out the bottom of the oven, so that might not appeal to you.

The very best thing you can do, IMO, is to purchase a 4 or 6 inch high hotel pan and cover your bread with that.  Very often, just the moisture of the bread alone is enough steam, but you can also drill a hole in the side of the pan and inject steam using this device:

Works as well as any professional oven!


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I spent decades using the classic techniques. Spritzing, ice cubes in the bottom of the oven, water poured into hot pans etc. I was dissatisfied with all of them. Finally I tried baking in a covered dish and removing the lid once the bread has set. For me it works the best with the least effort.


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