New advice on cake flavors
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I’m in the process of making a pillow cake for a friend’s birthday tomorrow.  I’m trying to pair some flavors together.  She only likes simple flavors and doesn’t like anything exotic.  Her favorite fruit filling is strawberry.  I was thinking about paring a the strawberry filling up with the Golden Butter Cream Cake (CB) and a simple vanilla buttercream for the icing.  Now, in order to do the pillow cake I will have to lay some fondant on it so it will look nice for decor purposes.  Does anything believe that all of this will marry well together?

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I think the flavors are great, but you might want to choose a different cake than the GBCC.  I haven’t made this one, but Julie has mentioned it is so butter rich, it is a bit firm, and some perceive this as dryness,  so she usually serves it with some kind of sauce (usually. Strawberry.,  as she has commented on what a great strawberry short cake base it makes.  The golden luxury butter cake is my fave yellow, but I like all the yellows I’ve made.  On the other hand,  perhaps the firmness will lend itself to carving the pillow shape.

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