Covering a cake with fondant and TCB Butter-cream
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Hi everyone -
  I do have a question for all you cake covering experts.
When i cover a cake with fondant, i usually add the crumb coat of butte cream (TCB), try my best to smooth out the cream and place in the fridge.  I then cover the cake with the really thin rolled out fondant of choice.  Once i roll out the fondant on the cake, i use two cake smoothers to “smooth"out the fondant.  Here is what i noticed - i don’t get a perfectly smooth surface - is this because my crumb coat layer is to thick or that my fondant is less than 1/8” thick?  I like thin fondant for i am not a fan of the taste, so i try to use as thin as possible without ripping the fondant while rolling and adding to the cake.
To see an example please see the Lady Bug baby Shower themed cake that i posted.  You will notice that the fondant is not perfectly smooth.
Thanks for your advice
Happy baking

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