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From Rose’s “Heavenly Cakes” book, Let me explain what good luck I had Saturday afternoon.  I read where Rose says that she tried and tried to make a good pound cake using a larger size cake pan, but gave it up and wrote in her book that a tender pound cake may be achieved only when using a smaller pan.

Well, I don’t have a pound cake pan so I used 3 inch muffin tins. I used 8% protein Cake Flour.  I took them out of the oven before they turned color on top, they tested done with an inserted large flat toothpick. 

I waited a few minutes and then turned them gently on a wire rack to cool but immediately called my wife and two teenagers.  The three inch pound cakes were still very, very warm when we ate them. 

Every one was enthralled!  It was like some fantasy TV commercial from the 1950’s where everyone praises the cook. 

And my thoughts were -now I know what cake will be like like in heaven! 

My wife gave me a kiss.  It was just lucky I took them out of the oven so soon. 

You must try it.

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That’s great news, Stephen! I’m glad things turned out so well for you.

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Sounds like it was a fun time with your family!  grin

Congratulations on a successful pound cake.

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What a cool idea! I’m glad it worked out so well for you.

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