Cannels Molds Metal ( copper ) vs. Silicone
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I am researching the perfect recipe and the perfect mold to make French Cannels. I cannot find a recipe in any of the Rose Levy Beranbaum’s cookbooks.  Does Rose have a recipe that I am missing?  If so, please advise the cookbook name, recipe name and page number. 

Also, I need to determine the best material for the mold, ” Metal / Copper vs. Silicone.”  As the inside should remain a delicate pudding-like texture and the outside should be a semi-hard caramelized texture, is there any solid evidence that the metal / copper molds achieve a superior external caramelized texture than what may be realized using silicone?  I also find that the metal / copper molds are sold separately at around an average cost of $20.00 to $25.00 depending on the vendor.  Is there any discount for quantity on any brick and mortar store or online resource?  I find the silicone molds have a much lower price point and are much more affordable.  ( under $15.00 for one mold making 30 mini cannels ). I have found that the average recipe will make around 18 Cannels. 

There are also three different sizes that I have found for the metal /copper molds 1.25”, 1.75” and a 2 inch mold.  Besides average cooking times and batter quantity, will the size of the mold effect the texture and quality of the end product? 

I thank everyone in advance for sharing any information you may have collectively or individually. 

Happy Baking Everyone!

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