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Cake Pictures… Finally
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Thank you so much, everyone, for all the nice comments!

Kyle and Liza, I love that you both mentioned Tiffany boxes, because… that is EXACTLY what the bride said she wanted. She showed me an actual Tiffany box… and handed me a color swatch… and looked at me with these big puppy dog eyes and said, “I really really really want it to look just like Tiffany boxes, which are exactly this color, but if you can’t do it I totally understand and we can pick something else instead.” So NATURALLY I just said, “Oh, sweetie, of COURSE I can do that! No problem! What a fabulous idea! It’s going to be AWESOME!!!”

But—and I laughed when I saw prettycakes mentioned this earlier—what I was REALLY thinking was…. “NOOOOO!!!!!! Not SQUARE cakes!!!!!!!!”

Oh well. I had this giant tub of Wilton fondant that someone had given me. I wasn’t about to use it on things people might actually eat, but I also felt bad throwing it away, so I just left it in the pantry. And there it sat, getting in my way… until I made a scale model of this cake out of styrofoam about a month before the wedding just so I could practice covering the tiers. Perfect use for the stuff (styrofoam probably improves its flavor).


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Wow, you put so much effort and well done! It is pure 10!


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