Chocolate Apricot Roll With Lacquer Glaze
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Hi folks,

  I’ve been looking for a chocolate sponge cake or a chocolate devil’s food cake to make and I found the Chocolate Apricot Roll in RHC. However, when I took a look at it it seems the cake itself is not a chocolate cake. I was wondering if this cake can be converted to a chocolate cake? I’m thinking that some of the cake flour could be replaced by an equal weight of cocoa powder, but I’d like to use Rose’s method of dissolving the cocoa powder in boiling water before integrating it into the batter. The problem with this is I’m not sure how to adjust the amount of eggs to account for that water. I’m not even sure I can do this, quite frankly. This concerns me because if I adjust the amount of egg in the batter to compensate for the added water, then I’m not sure if the cake will have the proper structure. If I can’t modify this recipe, does Rose have a good recipe for a chocolate version of a sponge cake or devil’s food cake that can be baked in a jellyroll pan?


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Hey, MP!

The chocolate featherbed in RHC is baked in a jelly roll pan.  Would that work for you?


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The eggs themselves provide structure as well as moisture, so reducing the egg might be a net loss of structure. Reducing the flour when you add cocoa powder is most often done when you merely mix cocoa powder with the flour; if you’re going to bloom it in water, you’ll be adding moisture back into the product and reducing the flour would again be a loss of structure


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Hi MP,

I’ve made the biscuit roulade from the pinecone cake in RHC ... there’s a pic from this previous post:

I can’t recall the details…I think it was pretty good and reasonably moist.

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