Choco. oblivion torte won’t set
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Hope someone can help.  I am making the chocolate oblivion torte but my daughter wanted to use Milk choco instead of dark.  We used left over choco easter rabbits due to a timing issue.  Followed the directions but the cake will not set.  Baked it extra 10 minutes (5 minutes at 425 and than additional 20 minutes covered).  Let set room temp for 45 minutes and than in the fridge for 1.5 hours,  but everything but the edges are runny and won’t set up.  Why did this happen-is it the cocoa % of the chocolate?  Also, any way to salvage it?  I am going to try again using dark chocolate but I would like to make this one edible for the kids at least smile  Thanks!

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The bunny was probably made with couverture chocolate, which contains a lot more cocoa butter than regular baking chocolate. I don’t know what effect it might have on the final result, but once it melts, it probably stays pretty liquid, unless it’s properly tempered.


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A few thoughts: 

-The oblivion needs to be baked to an internal temp of at least 150F.  Mine always seem to take longer than specified, not sure if it is due to my bain marie set-up or what.

-The amount of total chocolate solids has to be above a certain level in order for it to set, and milk chocolate has a much lower proportion of chocolate solids (and more sugar).

-Some authors (Shirley Corriher) contend that this style of custard/ mousse cake won’t set if you add too much dairy, due to a pH issue affecting the setting of the eggs.  I don’t have any personal experience with that, though, to know if it is the case with Rose’s oblivion.  But your milk chocolate would have some dry milk solilds. 

All that said, Rose has a milk chocolate variation in the baby cakes section of Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, you might consider looking at that.

FWIW, my kid and most of her friends love the oblivion as written, as long as I use Callebaut dark, the kind that grocers sell in bulk.  It’s around 50-53% cacao mass and is mild in style.

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