Whipped milk chocolate ganache
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Can I substitute milk chocolate for the bittersweet/semi sweet chocolate in Rose’s whipped ganache recipe?
What can I say,  I love milk chocolate more so that semi sweet chocolate.

Also,  can I substitute lindt couverture white chocolate ( 36 percent cococa butter ) as well.

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Rose’s white ganache is bascially whipped cream stabilized with white chocolate, would that be a strong enough white chocolate flavor for your purposes?  It is tried and true, so no need to experiment.

re: milk chocolate LWG, I think this would work though I haven’t tried it and can’t confirm.  A small test batch might be in order.  The ideal temperature at which to whip it might be colder than the version with dark chocolate.  Might be wonderful with something like Valrhona milk choc couverture- I can’t buy that stuff because I never am able to save it for ganache, I always want to eat it.  Or Scharffenberger milk choc, which has a higher cacao mass % and lower sugar level than most.

You also might be happy using a dark chocolate with a lower cacao mass %, something like 47-50%.  That recipe has such a large proportion of cream that it sort of already has some milk-chocolate similarities, you would only need to adjust the sugar content to your liking.  I find Callebaut bulk dark chocolate makes for a mellow whipped ganache.  Also easy to add sugar to the hot cream.

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