Freezing leftover milk chocolate buttercream
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I have a batch of milk chocolate buttercream, the one that’s just chocolate and butter (Page 250 in TCB). I was planning on using it for a cake, but my cake didn’t turn out well (sponge cake baked in a jelly roll pan, but didn’t bake long enough. Didn’t notice it until I removed it from the pan and saw it ooze through the wires of the cooking rack!). So now I have batch of the milk chocolate buttercream, and nothing to do with it.

I am planning on freezing it, and hopefully reuse it some other time, but I’ve read on this forum that once this buttercream gets cold in the fridge, that it hardens and never softens. Is that the same for freezing? Could I heat it gently back to room temperature or even warmer, and reuse it later? Will it ever become spreadable again?

Btw, I altered the milk/bittersweet ratio in the recipe, in case that affects the thaw-ability of it. The recipe calls for 8oz bittersweet to 16 oz milk chocolate. I used 10 oz bittersweet and 14 oz milk chocolate. (The reason for the odd ratio is “1 bag bittersweet, plus enough milk chocolate to make the required 1.5 lbs)


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I would suggest one of the following:

-consider making another cake in the next day or two while keeping the buttercream at room temp.

-take a small amount of the buttercream (could be just a tablespoon or two) and freeze it until solid, then thaw to room temp.  If it is hard (as I suspect it will be), try very brief (3-5 seconds) bursts in the microwave, just enough to melt a small amount of it (perhaps a quarter of the total).  Then try stirring or whisking to restore the emulsion.  If that doesn’t work, warm it further to melt a little more and try again, and continue in that manner until it is compeletely melted, then allow it to set at room temp to see if it becomes workable again.  Good luck!

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