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While waiting at the optometrist’s office, I picked up a ladies’ magazine which was lying out in the waiting room.  (I always enjoy browsing those!)  Imagine my joy and surprise when I came on a list of “best bake sale treats” and their recipes!  What could be more tantalizing to a home baker than a list of fun, attractive, easy treats?

Now, this is hardly the best part.  The best feature of this list was that every treat was accompanied by the Web site or blog that it came off of, giving me access to 12 top baking blogs!  While waiting, I copied down every Web site into my planner.  When I got home, I browsed every Web site or blog, and I found the best one to be Sprinkle Bakes, by Heather Baird!  Heather has written a cookbook and is a sweet, personal blogger who twists lots of fun into her recipes.  Best, the blog includes a recipe index - a virtual cookbook of fabulous, interesting and fun recipes.

The only downside to Sprinkle Bakes is that, as you might guess by the name, it is largely desserts.  If you’re looking for a healthier recipe, I would seek elsewhere.  But if you’re having a bake sale or just looking for a fun dessert to surprise your spouse, head over to Sprinkle Bakes!  After all, who could resist Coffee and Donuts Cake, Christmas Candy Cheesecake, Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies,  or an adorable Gingerbread Hobbit Hole?

If you love to bake (which of course you do), I recommend a visit to Sprinkle Bakes!  (Be prepared to spend several hours!)

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