Sicilian pistachio cake with all purpose flour ?
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Has anyone done this ? All I have is unbleached cake flour and bleached all purpose. I tried heat treating my cake flour, but i ended up standing in front of the microwave for more than half an hour and it still wouldn’t reach temperature, drove me mad !!!  Would it make a big difference if I use all purpose ? Has anyone done this ?

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Most of the butter cakes can be made with an equal weight of bleached AP in place of the bleached cake flour.  In my experience, it produces a different texture, height and flavor.  The height is a little lower, the texture is less tender and can come across as maybe a tad gummy, and the flavor is less floral/sweet. 

I prefer to use bleached AP when I know I’m going to syrup a butter cake.  And often it works well for a cake that uses ground nuts for part of the flour, because the nuts cut the protein level and help produce a more tender cake.  I don’t have my book in front of me, but consider comparing the RHC pistachio to the Cake Bible golden almond.  I think one of them uses ground nuts as part of the flour, while the other has more flour and uses them as an add-in.  If you would like to maximize tenderness when using bleached AP go for the one that uses ground nuts as part of the flour (i.e., has less flour).

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