Fruit Flavored Cheese Cake
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I am trying to make a fruit flavored cheesecake - blueberry to be exact. I found a recipe and gave it a try but as I was making I knew that there where just too many wet ingredients…The recipe sounds good and looked nice in the photo, BUT the cake came out very loose even though I cooked it 50% longer than directed.

The cake only has 3 8oz packages of cream cheese to 1 C of sour cream, 2 eggs 2 egg yolks 1C sugar, 1 t vanilla PLUS the blueberry puree (worked out to almost 1.5 C)...and NO salt HUH (I added a pinch)? Anyway, the cooking time was 1 hour in a water bath at 350…Seemed way too short to me. Given all the moisture I did add 2t of cornstarch (probably could have used more but I was worried about taste) and cooked it for 90 minutes. The top did brown a little but not bad, the color was absolutely glorious and the flavor very good (though the berries could have been sweeter).

My only real complaint is texture, the cake was loose, more like a no bake cake - far to soft for me. I like a nice firm but not dry cheesecake.

Wondering if the solution here is longer baking (and sacrificing the top) or do I need to add more cheese to firm it up?? I am at a loss - anyone have any thoughts or a good Blueberry cheesecake recipe?


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I would cut down the sour cream (maybe even by half) and keep the cornstarch but increase it to a tablespoon.  My usual base recipe to start is 3# cream cheese, 13 oz sugar, 1 TBL cornstarch, 7 eggs, 1 TBL vanilla and 1 TBL lemon juice.  When I am making cheesecake pops and need to flavor it, I start to modify from this by adding more yolks, or more cornstarch depending on what I’m doing (this works only for some flavors, not all of them.) You could halve this base recipe (this base recipe makes 1 10” round, or a 9x13 sheet) and add your blueberry puree (or sweeten the puree and marble it or swirl it into the cheesecake.  The photo looks delicious!


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I add very little sour cream, maybe like 2 tbl.. I have been using Juniors of NY recipe and it comes out perfect. It has a little flour. If you love this recipe, keep making it but less sour cream and eggs.

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HI Akita! That cheesecake looks smashingly gorgeous!! Where is the recipe from? I too would concur that less sour cream would be good, and perhaps only yolks instead of whole eggs. That would yield a firmer texture. Is there a possibility you would share the recipe or point us to the source? You might want to check out Hector Wong’s new e-book “Cheesecake” - in which he does a Mango Cheesecake with a cup of puree. But he reduces it to half with sugar, and adds only yolks and whipping cream. It is just divine! Perhaps a similar technique would work for your version. Let us know when you do it again! smile

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