Favorite recipe to gift (like for Father’s Day)
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Long time lurker, little poster, today I just ‘discovered’ the Kitchen Chatter forum and happy I did. I was looking for some ideas or discussion around your favorite items to gift to people. My dad very much appreciates my baking since I use real, awesome ingredients and don’t cut corners. He is always happy with a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies or my Christmas Cookie plate. My mom just told me that he raves to his friends that the best cake he ever had was the German Chocolate cake from RHC that I made for his birthday one year. I would like to make something for Father’s Day, but not quite sure what. Are you making anything for dad this year? Other favorite recipes to bake as a gift?


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Hmmmm, where to begin?  I agree that the german choc cake is great, and generally a crowd pleaser.  You could try one of the other iterations of that cake base, such as a scaled down version of the deep chocolate passion wedding cake- adding the syrup gives the cake added richness and chocolate-y intensity.  Also from RHC, I love to give the golden lemon almond cake as a gift.  I most often bake it as a torte (single layer) topped with glazed blueberries.  Both of those cakes are great keepers.

Another great keeper and crowd pleaser is the chocolate oblivion (in both the Cake Bible as a torte and in RHC as mini-cakes).  It is an intense chocolate mousse cake.

For cookies, from Rose’s cookie book, I love the brandy snaps and the three-nut fingers.

For pies, from Pie/Pastry Bible, the pecan pie (tart section) is wonderful, as is the open-face designer apple pie.  The peanut butter chocolate tart is also popular.  Pies are not great keepers, in case that is important, they are best eaten the day they are baked.

Have fun, and report back on what you choose smile

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