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I have two baked chocolate fudge cake layers.  One is perfect, the other fell slightly in the center due to slight underbaking.  A skewer inserted in the center now comes out clean.  Can I still use the layer with the slightly fallen center? I’m thinking to use it as the bottom layer of the 2.  Here’s the question: Should I put the top side down on the sunken layer to frost, or should I put the slightly fallen center facing the top so the middle frosting layer covers it?? Please help! I would love to not have to bake a new layer.  I need the cake for tonight…eek!

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Hi Matty, I’m no cake expert but I’ll tell you what I think.  Where are Patricia and Hector when we need them?  I would put the bottom of the sunken side on to the cake board.  Then frost to fill in the hollow so more frosting in the middle and less out toward the sides to get an even layer.  Then put you nice flat layer on top and you should have a perfectly flat cake.  I love the choc fudge cake - it’s my favourite.  Hope this helps - moral support if nothing else!  Enjoy the cake.

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Uh oh… was out doing some last minute school shopping.  If you don’t want to trim down each layer to be the same height, I’d do exactly as Annie suggested.  smile


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