converting recipes to the two-stage mixing method
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I just checked out a copy of The Cake Bible from the library, and I will be adding it to my collection with my next trip to the bookstore. I made the pineapple upside down cake for my husband’s birthday today, and I’m just floored by (and absolutely thrilled with!) the difference in the results. I was even happier to find Rose’s online home! The methods just make good sense to the science side of my brain. I’ll never tell my mother or Granny how I did it, though!  wink

What’s the general procedure for converting other recipes to the two-stage mixing method? From what I’ve noticed in the book, you add the butter and about 1/4 of the other wet ingredient to the dry mix. Did I miss a general formula or method somewhere? Is there a case when things aren’t so proportional? How does this apply to other traditionally creamed goods like cookies?

I did try searching the blog and forum, so I apologize for any repetition in my question.

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I’ve finally joined after months and months of reading this blog, and after ten years of baking with Rose’s Bibles! They’ve been an incredible resource, books I turn to again and again for information, or out of curiosity, and certainly for the heavenly flavor/texture each of the recipes produces.
I’d planned on joining tonight so I could ask about cupcakes. I’ve been so frustrated lately about how my cupcakes are coming out—so it was nice to hop on here tonight and see it already being discussed!! I should have expected such a timely discussion already happening here!!
I’ve been making a lot of cupcakes lately and I too find that the cupcakes come out of the oven looking beautifully, only to cool and shrivel up and often peel away from the paper. Argh…but they still taste so divine…far better than other recipes I keep looking at or trying.
It sounds like the things to try are using the creaming method and increasing the baking powder? Anything else?!
Thanks for being such an amazing group of bakers on this blog!

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Hi folks,

It’s been a while, so I’m catching up.

I’m weighing in on the sentence that actually mentioned cookies.  I actually converted a butter cookie recipe from the standard creaming method to I guess you could call it the two stage method.  I can’t really remember if it was triggered by the Cake Bible or Cook’s Illustrated.  Without going into the kitchen and going through things, I will say that I believe CI did a butter cookie article which addressed creaming as a source of air bubbles in cookie dough which was undesireable for rolled out cookies.  It also may be partially due to my re-discovery of TCB and the ease with which you can throw together a really good cake.

In any case.  I make my butter cookies by cutting the butter into the flour and sugar and then blending in the liquid and flavoring.  I’m extremely lazy, so I use a food processor.  It’s really quick and until you re-roll a few times, those cookies are really flat.

So…I haven’t tried it with a chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie, but maybe I will this weekend.  It’s getting cool here in Maine.  Time to think about the warm spices. Mmmm.  Oatmeal Raisin. 

I just had a pumpkin whoopee pie with cream cheese filling.  Caramel apples.  Apple cider.  Gingerbread.  I love the fall.

Waiting for the leaves to turn,


Oh, and I do have 6 All Occasion Downey Yellow Butter Cake Cupcakes in the freezer.  I had leftover batter and baked them along with a 6 inch layer (which we ate last month with coconut frosting).  And yes, I do recall them suffering shrinkage when they cooled.  I know they’ll taste great.

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I’m gonna try using the creaming method on this recipe tomorrow.  My formerly foolproof cupcakes are now anything but foolproof.  Making cupcakes, which I used to love, is now frustrating, nerve wracking and expensive (from all the failures)

I just posted about my troubles with All Occasion Yellow Cake cupcakes here

Can someone please talk me through what’s going on.  Shameless begging.  grin

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