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So the family has decided that they want fresh baked bread every time they get a new loaf, in other words, they don’t want me to make 2 loaves so that when they have eaten their way through the first then they move on to the second. That’s usually a couple of days later. And while I have a perfectly good bread container, and it tastes quite as good, they want it fresh from the oven.

So…I have decided to bake one loaf and freeze the other for baking on Wednesday. I shaped the loaf and wrapped it in plastic wrap and then put it in a plastic bag. The question is: is this going to work? And if it does, how long is it going to take? I.E., when should I take it out of the fridge on Wednesday to have it for dinner on Wednesday eve? And is it going to taste as good as the other loaf did yesterday?

Thanks for you help, guys, I have never done this, and while I suspected that it would work because of all the commercial frozen bread you can buy, I wasn’t sure it would work with homemade.


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Here’s a whole thread on freezing bread dough. Probably more than you need or want to know, since it’s aimed at answering a professional baker newly faced with the need to freeze dough. But lots of useful tidbits for the dedicated bread bakers among us!

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Just a thought… I see prebaked bread at the store all the time.  Then you take it home and either freeze it for use later, or you finish baking it for that fresh, out-of-to-oven flavor (plus it makes the whole house smell like you’ve been baking all day).


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