Buttercreme for birthday cake
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So my DSO’s birthday is coming up and the requested cake is Rose’s to die for chocolate cake. Also requested is buttercreme frosting. The problem is that the recipe for buttercreme in the Cake Bible is for much larger amounts than I need for a simple 2-layer cake.

So does anybody have a recipe that will make only enough for a much smaller cake than the wedding cakes I so admire?


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Which chocolate cake are you making? Chocolate Fudge? Domingo? All-American?

As for frosting, my first choice would be the Dark Chocolate Ganache on p.269. This only makes a little less than 3 cups of frosting, definitely not too much! It is not a true buttercream, though it is intense, smooth and creamy.

And most of the buttercream recipes make about 4 cups, which can leave maybe half a cup extra. You can freeze it for cupcakes or use it to make cookie or graham cracker sandwich cookies.

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BeeMama - which bc recipe are you looking at?  There are normal recipes and wedding cake sized recipes.  The Mousseline recipe on page 244 only makes 4 1/2 cups of buttercream - enough to frost a 2-layer cake.  If you do have leftover buttercream, it freezes extremely well.


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J. I think you’re looking in the wrong section of the book. As julie pointed out buttercream recipes start around page 200 and should be just the right amount for a single cake.

I have to say that choc cake with vanilla frosting is one of my faves. I would go with classic buttercream or mousseline buttercream.




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