White velvet cake to lemon cake
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I was wondering of anyone has had any luck in converting the white velvet cake recipe into something with a lemon flavour?

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I haven’t done this but it seems like it would work just fine-  I imagine it would be nice to keep the vanilla and milk and balance those flavors with lemon zest, so that it had a lemon-vanilla flavor similar to a good sugar cookie.  Don’t know what quantity of cake you’re making, but you could take a look at the ratio of lemon zest to sugar that is in the Cake Bible’s lemon chiffon cake.  I don’t think this flavor combo would need lemon juice, so no complicated leavening adjustments would be needed.

Don’t know if you’re planning a frosting, but the lemon classic/neoclassic buttercream is delicious and the yellow color would be a nice contrast to the white cake smile  Mmmm, now I want cake!

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