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I am looking for answers here since I am a newbie, and I will try to make it short. My youngest son’s baptism is on July 27th (Saturday) and I am doing a small birthday party for my oldest son the next day. For the baptism, I want to bake cake pops (60 less or more) with a receipe from Hungry girl (cake mix with a can of cream soda). The only decoration on them will be a cross (I want to use one of those food gel). For the birthday, I want to bake 3 small cakes (I think the pan is 4 inches) and decoration will be the Octonauts.

question 1- how many days before can I bake the cake pops and the 3 small cakes?

question 2- what is the best way the store them until Saturday and Sunday?

question 3- Can I decorate them in advance or should I wait until the day of….

question 4- what will be the best and easier way to decorate the “octonauts” cakes: icing or fondant?

            one will be white, one orange and the other one white and black.

question 5- almond paste or marzipan to make the ears and nose of the octonauts?

Lot of question, I know. Some of you might think I won’t be able to do everything I want to do, but this is why I want to start early if possible (I am last minute type of person). thank you for your answers

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Sounds like you have a lot to do.

1) are you using that cake pop mold ? If so I’m not sure since I make my cake pops the original way, bake the cake then mush it. W/ mine I made them 4 days ahead as long as it is on the fridge.

2) in the fridge

3) depends how you are decorating them. As u mentioned gel, then wait the night b4. I personally do not like gel. They are messy and looks somewhat ordinary. Jmho.

4) I am a fondant cake decorator when it comes to life like or very detailed cake decoration, it just looks very clean and realistic. But that is your choice. For special occasions, I am more for looks. Taste can be put in the cake itself.

5) I never use almond paste or marzipan to decorate a cake. What you can do is very limited and marzipan gets moist and wet. But if it is a very small area, it might be OK.

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thank you so much for your answers.
I won’t use any mold. Will do the original way.
when you say to store them in the fridge, how do you store them? just in plastic container or do you wrap them first? can I put the icing on the cakes (octonauts) right away and put them in the fridge?
I want to use something to draw a small cross on the cake pops (will be dipped in chocolate) what can I use?
and for the decorations, I will try to find something else. I think that I saw in walmart some kind of paper that you can use for decoration and you eat it (wilton)
once again thank you so much prettycake!!!

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