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I am a cupcake & muffines industry owner in Iran. I have problem about taste of cake after pass a month from the life of cakes. Our products have 3 months life time . It seems after pass the one month the our cake has drug ( pharmacy ) taste but i don’t what is the problem? our products composition are : Flour, sugar, new egg, baking powder, emusifier gel ( mono & di glyseride ), expander life ( propylen Glycole, Sorbitol , mono & di glyseride ), flavers.

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Welcome to the board. If the cupcakes and muffins don’t taste good after 1 month, then it would seem that the life span of your products is really 1 month, not 3 months.

Most of us on this board don’t use preservatives in our baked goods. We create them so that they can be consumed within a few days of baking. So, you might want to look on Google for boards that are targeted toward trade professionals like yourself who want a very long shelf life for their products. Good luck!

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How are you storing your product?  Is it indivdually wrapped?  Refrigerated?  Even with the added preservatives, your shelf life is really only about a week in a refrigerated environment.
If you are looking for a longer shelf life, you should be freezing the product as you make it; then rotating your inventory.  I agree with the other response that you should be working on a shorter production schedule.


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