Cinnamon Schnapps in Buttercream?
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Greetings all!

I am planning a cake testing for my daughter in preparation of making her wedding cake. For many years, the only icing I made was shortening/powdered sugar overly-sweet frosting. I will admit that for a shortening-based frosting, it was better than most as my recipe doesn’t leave a greasy feel in your mouth. However… for the last few years, I’ve been making true buttercream from TCB or RHC. I would really like her wedding cake to have something better than shortening-based frosting.

I was asking her about flavorings, and mentioned Grand Marnier, Chambord, and Apricot brandy (which I always have on hand for my Belgian Cookie recipe). She asked if I could use Cinnamon Schnapps as the flavoring. I haven’t drank Schnapps for 30+ years, so I don’t even remember if it is clear or has a brown tint. Does anyone have any experience using it in their buttercream?

Also, her reception will be in a barn at the end of August (2014). I doubt that there’s air conditioning. Will Mousseline be the best choice for stability?


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I would use it sparingly, because even though I’ve never had it as a drink, it’s supposed to mimic the taste of red hots candies which is a really intense cinnamon.


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