cream cheese in flaky pie dough
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Rose’s Favorite Flaky and Tender Pie Crust” recipe doesn’t specify what kind of cream cheese.  I assume she’s referring to the standard Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I’ve attempted the dough with other local brands of cream cheese including some organic cream cheeses.
I think I’ve noticed an effect similar to adding to much water to a pie dough and wonder if it’s possible that the water content of cream cheese may vary.

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Can anyone verify that it’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese that is the standard in the recipe?


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Philadelphia Cream Cheese is what I always use.  But I cannot verify a brand.


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Philadelphia will work quite well and allow you to rule out the cream cheese as a source of any problems or issues.  That said, I’ve not had any problems using other cream cheese brands, I find the recipe a bit more forgiving in that respect than, say, a cake or cheesecake recipe.  I have not tried to use a low fat or fat free cream cheese, as the fat is necessary to coat the flour proteins and limit gluten formation.  Once I tried sour cream but it wasn’t nearly as good as the cream cheese version.

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