Electric oven advice needed
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Hi all, I need some advice regarding electric ovens. Any help is much appreciated.

I’m considering buying a convection electric oven. I am in Singapore, and the ovens available to me are as follows:


and this one:


I have the following questions:

1. My kitchen is small. I understand that these types of electric ovens can get really hot on the outside and so I am worried the heat can melt some of the plastics nearby. Are either of these models likely to get too hot?

2. Are the most expensive toaster ovens better insulated?

3. I intend to bake cakes. The Delonghi is smaller than the Tefal (21litres vs 30litres). Will the 21litre oven still do a good job?

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I have a Cuisinart convection oven. Not as fancy and smaller, and it does belt out some heat. I have it on a small counter, and my kitchen is also small. It’s sitting next to the stove. When it’s on convection it does get hotter, and says it needs 2” of clearance, so I just keep it away from wall. If I have something on top it will melt plastic. The upside of it is for convection, because it does get hotter than a regular oven, you can keep it on lower temp than normal to cook. If you can, I would say try and see it in store. The interior is smaller than actual dimensions of unit, so you’d want to make sure that your cookware can fit in there, and I’d probably go with the bigger size just to be safe and allow for heat to move around properly.
For mine at least, I have to be careful with Pyrex because the elements are closer together as it’s a smaller appliance. The heat is more confined to the unit itself, and doesn’t go with stuff nearby. so unless you have plastics touching it, you would probably be ok I think.

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